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1st Harmonic Music Store & Studio – Pollachi

We at 1st harmonic music store have everything from traditional to modern instruments and are very particular in customer satisfaction. Our store was started with the sole purpose of providing music to people of pollachi in a unique way. Our store also provides services of all types of music instruments. The place is one and only store that caters to the necessities of all customers. We have an in-house studio there by providing services for recording, dubbing, and sound mixing and editing which is at par with famous studios in the cities. Our services are extremely high class which makes us stand strong and spread our wings high.

Our music store has home theater systems along with demo rooms. The experience of our systems takes the customers to a new world which is incomparable. Our professional audio equipment are of high quality. We are specialized in sound systems too. 1st harmonic music store and studio is the only one providing all kinds of sound services in Pollachi. We have also proudly extended our services in the field of art. 1st harmonic store has spread its wings to enlighten children in cultural field. We now focus on teaching music and dance in our cultural academy. We have teachers in house with classical music & dance. Various instruments like veena, guitar etc. Western music and dance are also in our forte. 1st harmonic music store also gives our students to perform in various platforms in which they can showcase their talents and skill.

The studio at 1st harmonic is open to all to build their career that they aspire on. Our studio is of professional standard and can be utilized to its full for recording and performances.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract young artists and support them. We thrive hard to create a platform for budding musicians and tap their talents. We are at every step to guide and travel along to conert their love and passion over music to profession.

Our Mission

1st Harmonic music store and studio, pollachi was a dream project which was sowed on november 2021. The Music store was an idea conceived by sri ganesh vijayan. We planned it to be a one stop shop for all the music lovers and enthusiasts. It germinated in the right way and is growing into an exquisite showroom.

Our Brands


Multi Branded Store / Studio & Academy

Music Instruments sales

Music gives us peace of mind and relaxation.  Musical instruments make us travel to a new world. Their sound and vibrations makes us active. It charges our brain hereby clearing out all this negative thoughts and gives a positive energy. We at 1st harmonic provide the sales of all available musical instruments with reasonable budget.

Cables & Accessories

Every electronic equipment and electrical instrument needs cable for charging. We are into sales of  home theater systems, audio systems and the like. 1st harmonic music store has accessories also to accompany the above. We have all types of cables connectors, guitar processors professional head phones, strings that are of high quality for instruments. We also have accessories for drums and other instruments.

Av Home Theater Systems

Home theaters have become an important way of entertainment. It is now a part of our household. These home theaters are now “Go-to” ones during weekends. Good theater experience is given by the best AV and home theater systems. We at 1st harmonic also have a dedicated demo for all of you to experience the fantastic 5·1/7·1 home theater systems

Professional Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is slowly gaining popularity presently. For a sound to be received well these pieces of equipment are a vital medium. Any stage show or performance succeeds only if this audio quality is extremely of the high class. 1st harmonic is in forefront with its mics, speakers, and sound cards, studio monitors, and mixers.

Repairs & Services

We also have high-quality professional audio equipment, home theater systems, and accessories and are our one-stop shop for all kinds of instruments. We have a wide choice of strings, percussion instruments, and the like. We also provide services to all the equipment and musical instruments to the utmost customer satisfaction.

Mixing & Mastering

Post production services are followed by other procedures too. Sounds need to be mixed depending on situations and requirements. Sounds decide the emotions and feeling of every act performed. We at 1st harmonic provide services for sound mixing and mastering tоо.

Music & Post – Production

1st harmonic’s in-house fully equipped studio is for multipurpose. A lot of back work goes in after dubbing and recording. Music production is not a child’s play but a herculean task that demands more time and concentration. We have professional standards in jingles making, and ad films, we also help out in scoring background music for albums, ads and feature films, that are involved in music production not only that we provide services for post – production of music also sound designing & Foley making for ads / short films and movies can also be done in our studio.

Dubbing & Song Recording

1st harmonic music store and recording studio has the best in-house recording studio also it is set up with all professional standard equipment that is at par with any other studio of its kind. We are open to voice recording for ad films, short films & feature films our students can utilize this facility any time. 1st harmonic will always support and help musicians grow and performers who are in need of a proper platform to project them with our recording studio.

Music & Dance Classes

We have excellent tutors who guide the children in music classes. Indian and western music are being introduced to the budding artists. Bharatanatyam our own dance, depicting culture and tradition is taught to aspiring performers. Western dance which is gaining popularity at present is also being taught at our academy grade exams for instruments will also be introduced in the near future. The students will be trained in both theory and practical for musical instruments and dance in all.

Our Products

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1st Harmonic Cultural Academy

Our Graded academic Tutors


Mr.Sri Ganesh Vijayan


Mr. Ranganathan






Shri.Senthil Kumar

Vocal & Veena

Smt. Sumithra Devi


Mr.Sanjith Varman



Frequently Asked Questions?

Q) Can I add sounds to my Yamaha keyboard?

Ans.Many new instrument owners ask the question, What else can I do with my keyboard once I get it home? Yamaha keyboards are designed with expansion in mind! From new Voices and Styles to songs and sheet music, you can find everything you need to fully enjoy your instrument on the Yamaha MusicSoft Downloadables page.

Q) What is special about Ibanez guitars?

Ans. One of the largest and most popular manufacturers of electric and acoustic guitars today, Ibanez are known world-wide for producing a huge range of high quality instruments to suit a variety of genres and budgets. An industry leader in numerous departments, the company possesses a long and varied history.commend generic fit-all cases.

Q) What are the strings on my violin?

Ans.The strings on a violin are G, D, A and E. E is the highest pitch string, and the thinnest and G is the lowest pitch and thickest string. They need to be strung in the correct order and put on by someone who knows what they are doing. The strings will go out of tune frequently and you will learn how to tune the violin either by the pegs at the top or the fine tuners at the bottom of the violin.






Cultural Academy


Studio Projects

What do customers think?

Kalki Subramaniam
Kalki Subramaniam

Beautiful shop with a selection of quality brands of musical instruments. Absolutely great service. There are musical classes anyone can join and benefit. Thr one and only great place for music instrument buying in Pollachi.

Shree ram
Shree ram

Music lovers 1st choice…..All the very best for ur future achievement….
Plz conduct classes @ temples for poor students also …( atleast monthly once)….
Or give ur support for musicians to do these services….

S.Maishnavi Surya
S.Maishnavi Surya

Super place

Vasanth Dj
Vasanth Dj


Prabhu Coimbatore
Prabhu Coimbatore

Nice…Studio with music store…😍👍


One of the best music store in pollachi. Good ambience and best service. Right place for learn graded Music instruments.

mani kandan
mani kandan

First’music store and first dubbing studio 🎙️in Pollachi 💯 good quality and user friendly 💯🙌

Praveen Varun
Praveen Varun


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